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Be Sure To Pay Attention To Four Points In The Use Of Garage Door
Author Published in2015-11-6 16:49:31 Click

Consumers often do not pay attention to the safety of daily use, overestimating the security of garage door, and thinking any accident will not happen, For the sake of safety, there are four points we should remember when using garage doors:

1) After receipt of the remote control and key, the installation personnel should demonstrate the remote control and manual key switch door.

2)When installation finished, let the installation personnel debug to make sure it operating smoothly, then hand over the remote control, key and warranty card. 

3) Don't press the remote control in the case of not seeing the door, in order to avoid accidents or garage door opening by mistake.

4) Prohibit person or object going through below the door, or staying at the bottom of the door.

Finally, purchase the products with quality assurances, choose the company with professional technical team and time for customers to remove all the fault.

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