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Five Steps To Repair Garage Door
Author: Published in:2015-11-6 16:50:35 Click:

  Five steps for you to become an expert in garage door repairing, summarized as : first to ask, secondly to look ,thirdly to listen, fourth to touch, fifth to measures. 
     Ask: contact the manufacturer, consult on the cause of the connection failure and reflect the real state. 
     Look: open the shutter doors shell, to see whether the components on the circuit board are damaged. 
     Listen: When the relay contact switch, it will produce a clear "dida" sound, to determine whether the work properly. 
    Touch: sometimes even after the power-touch (with insulated gloves safety reasons) some components. In order to feel if its temperature is correct, concluded that poor devices. 
     Measure: refers to the use of universal table screwed to the appropriate gear, control circuits related measurements.

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