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The Difference Between Industrial Doors And Garage Doors
Author: Published in:2015-11-6 16:50:08 Click:

Today our main topic is the difference between garage doors and industrial doors. The two names sound familiar, but what is the correlation between them? And difference? Let's find out. 

       The main difference is that the industrial doors are taller. Equipment upgrades and overhaul require large enough room to be gone through for people and small piece of things, or you will split out time to do a canopy door beams and door jamb. Because of the extension of the door, supplies skeleton, steel, sliding parts are needed more. In particular the production of single piece and small pieces are more frequent, and hardly need the industrial mass production, the production cost is much greater. Material costs, labor costs, time are characteristics of industrial doors. 

Now, the type of car garage door is developing to automation, simplification, decoration, mechanization, luxury, the worth of garage door may be higher than the general industrial door. In addition, there are still special requirements in some industries, such as anti noise, insulation, radiation protection, etc., these are the factors of high price.

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